The software continues to improve, if you have discovered BUG, comments or Suggestions please timely feedback.

Notice of 02 March 2020:
In order to combat the new coronavirus epidemic, the official resumption of work after the Spring Festival will be on March 5, 2020, when all business will return to normal. It is hereby announced.
Software advantage

1. Using non-IE core, virus and Trojan free, no popup windows, no pop out music;
2. Browse and hit mechanism is completely simulation. Freely setting ratio of website to URL, and hit ratio to secondary hit ratio;
3. Easily control period traffic per day/week, and filtering geographic area;
4. Recompile and optimize the built-in browser. Reduce the memory footprint, reducing CPU consumption;
5. Multi-process, multi-threaded, avoid running deadlock;
6. The core component of the software updates automatically;
7. Boot to run automatically, automatic login, running in the background and etc. Convenient and practical;
8. Friendly, powerful, strict management

Update History

FlowTops V1.1.1.3 [2020-07-08]

1.Modify the software upgrade mechanism.
2.Fix known and crash issues.

FlowTops V1.1.1.2 [2020-06-22]

1.Modify the problem that ToolTip does not update after successful login.
2.When the amount of modification points is too large, the program crashes due to overflow.
3.Modifying the exit program does not save the current logged-in user information and configuration information.
4.Fix known and crash issues.

FlowTops V1.1.1.1 [2018-09-09]

1.FlowTops client is officially on the shelf.
2.Provide hang-up function to earn points for sale or to improve site access free of charge.
3.Support multiple languages.
4.Support adjustable hang-up speed and save hang-up equipment resources.