1.FlowTops free?

Yes.And we are committed to free permanently.

2. How to develop the line?

The landing site in the "member center", get offline development links, to your friends, the link register is the future of your downline.The system will provide you with the rewards they hang up the 10% points, whether or not you have on the line, do not affect your score.If your friend once opened this station, then you sent the referral links may be invalid.

3. The client can be in the same LAN much station computer to use at the same time?

May not.A local area network with the public IP is the same, a plurality of the same public IP computer log on at the same time the software, integration will not grow.But you can be in multiple different network computer software IP to login at the same time, points will be doubled。

4. How to solve the common fault of the client?

1.The anti-virus software prompts for security threats. This is antivirus software false positives, the the OPK of the process and its necessary operation and trust can prevail OPK version change process file to package instructions. The OPK again affirms, the OPK not contain any crawl customer privacy, planting Trojans spread of the virus, buried in the back door of security threats, OPK using the open source kernel never use OPK poisoning, please rest assured to use。

2.Browser cannot be opened normally.Because many anti-virus software and firewall blocking caused by,.We strongly recommend that, if your system to make complete patch and you no bad online habit, unloading antivirus software and monitor will greatly enhance the operating efficiency of computer.

3.Other errors please report to the online customer service, so that we can promptly improve.We would greatly appreciate your enthusiastic support

5.The integral increase Rules what is available how much per hour? Throughout the day to run the software can get the number?

Integral rules is determined primarily by the quality of IP, the same IP-hook 24 hours after the new IP.

Integral growth rate and total system number (line number when the integral growth slow, and vice versa fast), geographical (continental, fast integral growth in Europe and America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and South Korea, Japan integral growth slow)

Therefore, the integral growth rate per hour uncertain, such as the question "how many points can be obtained, how many points a day", such questions can not be answered.

Site non-the Wangzhuan class website, 24 hours hanging the integral a typical professional hang, professional-hook makes IP quality, we only open your computer to open the software does not recommend the professional hang. And we repeatedly stressed the "License Agreement", and do not use illegal resources to run the software.

6. Integral growth (or growth is very slow)?

Normal is every 40 times (and after 2011 edition 50) traverses the increased once integral, if times increase integral does not increase the enumerate (or increased very slowly) only 5 possibilities: 1, there are submitted to the URL, integral by instant consumption (will be available for 0 points or negative, this integral normal growth), repeatedly stressed that, if it is not used to increase web traffic to hang the user, do not submit URL, otherwise the integral will be consumed; 2, with a public IP simultaneously open multiple software (like a LAN at the same time hanging out with multiple software); 3, with a IP has finished brush station mission (this show: "the mission"), a condition for IP. A IP is good; 4, net speed is too slow, the traversing the site most failed open; 5, cheating.

7. Software integration in growth, why the website statistics system of IP/PV did not significantly increase?

The vast majority of similar alliances are the real time exchange of IP/PV (that is, when the client has integral up to the site can be taken to IP/PV, when the client closes, IP/PV immediately terminate no longer increases), this allows the user to be 24 hours on-hook, apparently unrealistic.The station is 24 hour traffic equilibrium assignment, as long as you have today integral, even shut down the client, after 24 hours there will be a flow to enter your web site, so short time seems to flow is less (as long as you 24 hours later on site statistics system view on the line).

8. Client and website "Your account" inconsistency displayed Points?

Mostly because of the integral client state did not update over the cause of the integral number of users, are integral website displayed prevail.

9. Prompt "No task"?

Because the software is not successfully obtained from the server to the task due, this prompt, the software automatically every 5 minutes to re-attempt to get the tasks, and generally ignore them. If you stay long in this prompt may be caused by network outages, please try to restart the computer.

10. Click rate is too low?

Advertising is one of the main functions of OPK flow, external links to click rate is mainly affected by little than the influence of setting, and also with you to open the site speed, JS conflict, and external site effectively Click To determine mechanisms related to.In 8% monthly users (user 3%) within the free adjustment point explicit difference ratio, each external links are in accordance with the same little than to, not because of external links on each number of external links than little.In general, external links to actual hits always less than set theory value, please adjust according to the actual number of hits.

11. Tips "the task"?

This condition is generally not successful because software from server access to the task elicited, the tip, the software will automatically try again every 4 minutes for the task, in general do not bother.If long time stay in this tip, may be caused by the interruption of the network, please restart your computer and try.

12. Integral has more than the required minimum, why can not be redeemed?

Only available points can be trading history points can not be redeemed.

13. How long after the integral sale can receive the payment?

The station every fixed time unified payment, except holidays, will not wait for more than 48 hours.But needs to pay attention, pay treasure must be submitted by the real-name authentication, and submit your name to payment in treasure's real name is consistent, it would not be able to pay you.

14. Integral sale tips "payment failure"?

1.Your Alipay does not pass the real-name authentication.

2.Submit the real names and pay treasure inconsistent (real name cannot be changed).If paying treasure is in error, please correct / pass the real-name authentication, and the online customer service for you to pay.

15. Monthly (VIP) users, flow and predetermined discrepant?

1.The station provides the actual flow usually is less than a predetermined flow rate is higher, this occurs because general: 1, site opened too slow.

2.Webpage in the window (window will severely reduce the statistics to the flow).

3.Statistics is not complete, such as submitted 20 pages, but only the home on the statistical code.

4.In "traffic control" -- "time control" the parameter modification is too low.

5.Possibly because of some reason, your website domain name (or IP) is system security software (such as antivirus software, firewall and so on) shield.

6.Site failure, recommend replacing some space

16. Newbie guide

1.The Union do before, go to Baidu search "a union, have a look." their reputation and recognition, no bad record again on their code。

2. Points in the points: multiple registered several advertising alliance, put their own code (1) on your webpage.Do not register an advertising alliance, duplication of code running.

3. If you purchase flow, is strongly recommended that you purchase flow, then the code.If you put the code to purchase flow, so the flow increases suddenly, easy to be considered cheating.

4. Webpage, open fast, in front of the webpage; open slowly, on the webpage on location.Advertisement alliance's speed is also very important, if an advertising stuck, other ads in a short period of time to download, so an ad will click to.If you find some advertising spots, you can remove the page of some advertisements try, or adjust the advertisement order, often can solve the problem.

5. Antecedents is the important basis to judge the effective click, OPK offers a powerful approach setting function, please try to set some.

6. Control of hits, hits above 3% of IP was K's possibility is very big, please according to the actual number of hits to adjust。

7. It relies on experience Wangzhuan,, two on the IQ, less complaining, many consider tips.In the money issue, do not have a psychological dependence, must find their own reasons, to solve their problems.

8. If you are a beginner, please go to the laggard forum learn this foundation.