1、Profile, authorization and statement

    This site is closely related to the Internet, website, and website visits.

    FlowTops is a free mutual aid C/S system that simulates website’s access behavior to improve site’s visits. It is applicable to various types of network professionals, such as webmaster, personal blogger, online writer, website promoter, internet marketer, networks Webmaster, online shop promoter, as well as earner who owners lots of network rereferrer.

    FlowTops is principle is that users visit each other’s websites in order to improve site visits. It consists of two parts, client and management server (this site). The client is used to generate the access behavior. Management server is used to manage users, store data and schedule task.

    FlowTops is client use a non-IE core, virus proof, Trojan horse proof, no pop up windows and music; recompiled the open-referrer browser, reduced memory footprint, lower CPU occupancy rate; multi-process, multi-threaded, avoid deadlock; automatically update the core components, easy to upgrade; many functions, such as boot automatically, automatically log in, run in the background, that is convenient and practical; friendly interface, powerful and rigorous system. Green, safe, no threat code.

    FlowTops is management server can freely customize access rules and browser behavior, intelligently or according to the rules you set pop up windows, PV, referrers, and even can set visits proportion by geographic region, 24-hour period daily time and 7-days weekly time.

    Condensed site management can meet your ultimate needs.

    1. Detailed statistics list, allowing you to view the status of your points, website status and client status at any time, any place.
    2. Convenient online purchase, so that you do not need to run the client to improve your site visits.
    3. Credible trading function, you have a lot of clients that run on a computer, this will bring you considerable revenue.
    4. You can use this system arbitrarily without harm any third party interests.

2、A quick guide for the novice

    Register a new user, this is necessary (if already registered, skip this step)

    Download the software. Then log in with your username and password

    Add site."Management" - "List of sites" ,add a new site.
    Add the URL. Click on the site name, enter "Batch add URL" page. In the URL / Referrer box, enter (for example):


    The line with angle brackets "<>" is the URL, which is followed by its referrers (to next URL). Each URL may have several rows of referrers. URL and referrer have two parameters, the ratio and URL.

    The ratio of the URL indicates the ratio of this URL’s visits to all the URL’s visits.

    Such as, the chance to visit http://www.test.com/1 is 20%,the chance to visit http://www.test.com/2 is 15%.

    The ratio of the referrer indicates the ratio of this referrer’s visits to all the referrers’ visits of this URL.

    Such as: the chance of visit http://www.test.com/1 by http://www.test-referrer1.com/1 is 50%,by http://www.test-referrer1.com/2 is 20%,other 30% (visit by browser).

    If the entire URLs’ ratios add up or all the referrers’ ratios of one URL add up bigger than 100%, then the actual ratio is each URL’s ratio to all the URLs’ ratios, and each referrer’s ratio to all the referrers’ ratios.

    Such as: To http://www.test.com/3, ratio of referrer http://www.test-referrer3.com/1 is 33.33%, process like (50 %/( 50% + 80% + 20%)) = 33.33%. This detailed in URL/Referrer rules.

3、Advanced 1, Referer

    "Batch add URL" page, the referrer of visiting to the website is as important as the address (URL).

    Referrer means that Site A is the referrer of B, if visit B from A. For example, we browse microsoft.com from google.com, then for microsoft.com, google.com is the referrer.

    General, a URL have several referrers. And each referrer’s visit ratio is different (the parameter referrer’s ratio).

4、Advanced 2, Important parameters

    PV Method: PV’s (page view) generation. Browse internal website randomly, single page’s repetition means repeated load current URL.

    PV Ratio: PV ratio, the number pages browsed by each session, this parameter must bigger than 1.

    Pop percentage:Pop up pop-up windows’ ratio, the ratio that the site automatically generates pop-up windows.

    Clicks/Views:Rate of web clicks and page impressions

    Ban:URL or titles which are forbidden.

5、Advanced 3, Filter and limit

    In many cases, access at some period of time, or access from certain geographical is not expected by us, and then filter and restrictions is necessary.

    For time, you can set daily or monthly control. If you need to reduce the visits for a period of time, you can set the ratio of this period to a lower value.

    For place, you just need to select the desired area.

6、Beyond, throw away the client

    If you do not want to or do not have the conditions to run client to improve site visits, you can use the monthly subscription service.

    Please visit the site navigation at the "purchase" and follow the prompts.

7、Notes, the integral of the surplus

    If you have more than 500 points, you can sell the points at “Management” – “exchange”. 10,000 points can exchange 2 Yuan. The exchange’s lowest limit is 500 points. The official payment will be in you account in 48 hours.