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  • User Registration Ordinance

    Web Services ownership and operating rights belong to FlowTops.The services provided by the website will be implemented strictly in accordance with the Terms of Service and the relevant provisions of publish.The user needs to agree to the license agreement and related regulations, in order to use the system.

    One. Intellectual property

    The "system" consists of two parts, a FlowTops client application and site management end, by the site owner's own research, development.The "system" of all copyright and other intellectual property rights, as well as with the "system" of all relevant information, including but not limited to: text representations and their combination, icon, pattern, color, graphics, interface design, layout framework, related data, printing materials, or electronic documents are protected by copyright law and international copyright treaties and other intellectual property rights protection of laws.

    Two. User information

    1.This system is mainly used to increase website traffic (IP, UV, PV).

    2.$soft_name} software based on W3C specification JavaScript simulation web access behavior of keyboard input, mouse, click, the scroll bar is moved and other events, these events are of no particular object stochastic behavior.

    3.In the system background site link (URL) and website background (Referer), we must comply with the requirements defined.

    4.No web site users can use the software to obtain the integral, integral can be involved in trading, the long-term acquisition of integral.

    5.Since the MicroSoft Windows operating system itself security defects, the software may be malicious use against the interests of the third parties, the station is on your use of this software for any damage caused by any compensation, the use of all the consequences.

    6.This system is only used for Web pressure testing, testing, simulation server web access behavior, improve the image of the site, because you use on your improper purpose, other individuals or groups to bring all the loss shall not be responsible for this site.

    7.We do not accept any form of non normal resources (such as the "hacker" control "fryer", company, company computer, Internet bar computer server management such as FlowTops runs computer), once found, i.e. empty account.

    Three. Subscription agreement

    For the convenience of not running FlowTops software but there is a need to improve the website visits a quantity to the user, this station provide access to content subscription service, subscription agreement as follows:

    1.A monthly subscription service once the transaction can not refund, monthly period cannot be suspended.

    2.Submit url opened cannot produce music, with no more than 2 window, if it is discovered immediately stop account.

    3.This station is not responsible for solutions, network part-time Wangzhuan skills and basic knowledge of network, service on the monthly membership of such questions only hints and references, do not assume any liability.

    4.Where has become a monthly membership, all default have read, understood and agreed to abide by the above agreement.

    Four. Account management rules

    1.Account registration is free of charge, for basic user, never charge.

    2.Registered account, fill in the personal information is a serious distortion, or fill in the user name contains illegal, vulgar, offensive, defamatory words, once discovered, immediately delete.

    3.Registered account, for malicious registration or long landing, the station has the right to recover and cleaning.

    4.Be suspected of cheating, attacked the site server, slander, denouncing the spread of heresy, the station has the right to lock or delete

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  • You must read and agree to the "User Registration Ordinance"
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